March 10, 2008

Fashionably late arrival?

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So when is a good time to show up fashionably late?

If there is a party, let’s say posted on facebook event and it says it starts at 9PM, most of people never show up right on 9PM or before that. Most likely people don’t wanna be the first keeners who look like too excited about the event (of course unless it is your favorite band, Eve6 or whateva). You wanna be like someone who is so cool and invited to too many party and had to attend dinner party or whateva. You don’t wanna stand around like a lonely donkey in a desert. They think that the best time is to show when the event is warmed up enough with a good amount of people in the room and as you enter the room, your friends are a little intoxicated and give you hi-five and/or ass-slap as if you hit a grand slam on game 7.

But also, you don’t wanna show up too late. You don’t wanna come across, “dude, you missed the keg stand!” or “oh were you here when Jonas showed up?” So really, this is much more annoying and complex matter than Future Shop Customer Service.

From my experience, 11PM is the way to go if the event announced to start at 9PM. No wait, actually a lot of people think 11PM is the time to show up so I would say 11:15PM is the best time for fashionably late arrival. so the formula is usually:

(the announced start time) + 2.25hours

This formula is mostly for parties and shows you really don’t care about, mind you.

Do not do fashionably late arrival at the following events:

Funerals, weddings, flights, movie/theatre, dates, Much Music Electric Circus etc etc.


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